Jesus Was A Liberal

A popular buzz question now is “Was Jesus a liberal?

Jesus was too liberal for most of the Jews of his day. Just one example: he advocated freedom from the restrictive religious laws under which the Israelites lived and under which many live today.  Modern day Rabbis are still obsessed with defining what constitutes work on the Sabbath and with guarding the rituals associated with Kosher food.

The concentration of Orthodox (conservative) Jews in Israel brings into high relief just how trapped in the past they are. Those who are not orthodox manage to keep the state in reasonable touch with the modern world.

Their situation is not unlike that of Christian fundamentalists today who strive mightily to resist progress, education, tolerance, open mindedness, and change; who see all personal moral and ethical issues as having black and white answers with no shades of difference, no circumstances altering the cases. It was not so with Jesus; for whom only love alone was absolute.

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