Making Government Insignificant

Some of those seeking to assume control of government and many who are already in seats of power profess that they wish to make government as insignificant in our lives as possible. Those on the political right say the United States is moving toward Socialism and advocate unadulterated Capitalism instead. They think corporations should have the constitutional rights and freedoms afforded citizens. They praise and advocate privatization of many, if not most, of the functions now performed by government. Furthermore, they believe that government has no business imposing restrictions and regulations on corporations. Really!!

We need to understand then what this means in operational terms. At the lowest levels government gets out of regulating and and/or performing the following.

  1. Air Traffic Control,
  2. All airline safety measures,
  3. All auto safety regulations,
  4. All shipping subsidies regulations,
  5. All railroad subsidies and regulations,
  6. Truth in advertising regulations,
  7. Postal services,
  8. Airwave regulations,
  9. Food and Drug regulations,
  10. Federal Deposit Insurance,
  11. Building and operation of prisons,
  12. All banking regulations,
  13. All lending regulations,
  14. Stock market regulations,
  15. Building, maintenance and regulation of roads and bridges,
  16. Regulation of mining and drilling of natural resources,
  17. Regulation of work place safety,
  18. Child labor laws and practices,
  19. Care of veterans including medical, educational opportunities, pensions and disability compensation,
  20. Support for the elderly and disabled, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and aid to dependent and neglected children.
  21. All aid, subsidies, price controls and grants to farmers whether they are individuals, corporations or municipalities,
  22. All participation in provision of education,
  23. Law enforcement,
  24. Fire Fighters,
  25. Space explorations,
  26. Communication satellites,
  27. Regulation of utilities,
  28. Record keeping of private and corporate transactions such as property purchases, etc.
  29. Provision of care for the mentally ill and mentally retarded.

These socialized functions represent the tip of the iceberg of socialized American Society.

As the disparity between the haves and have-nots grows, the chance of a popular uprising in America rises proportionally. While no one wants a fully socialized America, further socialization is necessary to prevent organized chaos in our beloved country.

We are now in the peculiar situation where we have more private personnel hired and on the ground in our wars than we have troops on the ground. They are unexplainably building roads, bridges, schools and other facilities for countries we should not be in, while our roads, bridges, schools and other facilities are falling apart. This is a prime example of Marler’s Law. “There is an inverse relationship between the distance a person in need lives from a helping person and the helper’s willingness to help.”

We in America have a negative mind set about socialism harking back to the early days of communistic and socialistic systems that were under the control of extreme, brutal dictatorial leaders. America bridled socialism before it reached the extremes reached in the Soviet Union and other countries.  Now we are in danger of losing control of our capitalistic system because we condemn what socialistic programs we do have. Those programs listed above have, until the last few decades, kept rampant capitalism from devouring the American economy; they made capitalism more functional and humane.

Already our educational system is 29th out of 34 industrialized countries. Sweden, a socialistic country, has a higher standard of living than does America, whose population is rapidly joining the ranks of those living in poverty. America’s corporate world, as we all know, is in charge of the government and are pursuing profits in any part of the world where there is cheap labor, and their tax dollars stay off shore.

Here in the United States capitalism is gradually taking over assets formerly developed by American taxpayers for common use; dozens of toll roads have been privatized and many more are in the works. Parking meters are going the way of toll roads. These are just two examples out of many.

The dimensions of the class system in America are changing rapidly, and in the process, adding to the fuel that will propel the popular uprising that lies in our future. That uprising awaits further radicalization of the corporate coup of our government and time for the reality of it to settle into the consciousness of those affected.

If the uprising is of the radical, violet-gun-wielding type the citizens will lose. If it has competent leadership of the Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. type, we will win.

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